Lice Inspection

Lice inspection
If you notice your child scratching his/her head or if the school or daycare has reported lice in their area, it is important that you should look for signs of head lice. A lot of parents routinely examine their child's hair on a weekly basis for lice inspection and here are some things to look out for:

Live Lice: Part the hair with a fine comb. Check all the areas of the scalp, not to mention especially at the nape of the neck and around and above the ears for these are favorite areas for lice. It is also good to look for lice feces, it looks like tiny black specks on the scalp. If you see black specks, make sure to carefully examine the rest of the hair for definitely there will be live Lice. You can also use an electronic comb in determining whether Lice are present in the hair and so you can start on planning on how to get rid of lice.

Eggs or Nits: Female Lice usually attach their eggs at a1/2-inch distance from the scalp. They can lay a few to several hundred nits in the hair. You can use a magnifying glass along with a good light to help distinguish between nits and dandruff because these sometimes look alike. Lice Eggs or Nits are oval-shaped and are glued securely to the hair shaft. It uses a strong natural glue to attach itself and the nit would actually stay attached to the hair even after hatching.