Head lice can be found in children in all classes, whatever socioeconomic stature they are in. The reason is that they are very contagious and can be very easily spread. However, there really is no reason to panic at all, because lice does not carry any serious diseases, but taking action is the best way to prevent the infestation of others quickly. With this in mind it is also very important for parents to simply remain calm because they will need the cooperation of the child to treat this problem successfully.

How to get rid of lice
Now you found yourself the reality that it is not easy to get rid of lice and nits, as it was never really an easy task. Because the lice will always try to jump away and hide, every time you try to remove the lice.
Most often times when you thought you get rid of lice you would think that you have removed them all out and then all of a sudden to your surprise see some more new nits. This is because they would drop off their heads when you treat them and eventually they will come back and crawl back on on your head later.