Thursday, 6 October 2011

How to get rid of Lice

The main thing about getting rid of lice is that it needs to be combed out of the hair or killed to prevent them from coming back. Normally it is almost impossible to find the perfect product that will effectively remove lice of kill the bugs entirely. There are products that are pesticide-based that you can find on some local stores but they seem to be loosing their effectiveness in removing lice. That is why most of us mortals have yet to find the solution to the problem. How ever there are oil-based lice remover products that we have found to work effectively. Some of the Oil-based products we found includes a good olive oil carrier and other essential oils that actually kill bugs. Others like Olive oil also makes a good carrier against these bugs because the oil helps in slowing the bugs down and sometimes it can smother and kill some of them. If you can find a a good product that can how to get rid of lice with coconut oil as a carrier, that is also good because coconut oil is one of the best penetrating oils out there, by penetrating it means that it can get through the lice and into their exoskeletons. Coconut oil is a very good carrier and also contains all killing oils, that will also kill the nits in the process.Some of the essential oils that are great in removing lice are: tea tree oil, Neem oil, and Karanja oil.

These essential oils need to be diluted properly with good carrier oils such as those mentioned above. Never use these oils at 100% strength. There are also some other oils that are great for killing, removing, and repelling lice. The essential oils in this list are rosemary oil, peppermint oil, Lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, catnip and erigeron oil. When you get have yourself a good product, you need to completely cover the whole hair with it. This is because the lice will dropping off and try to escape, they wont be able to to jump or fly, so they will try to fall off the hair. Then what they will do is they will try to climb back on the next available human that is untreated so it would be best to treat over the the area and cover the head with a shower cap to prevent them from climbing back. It is a good idea to leave on the product for a good 45 minutes to 50 minutes or so. After treatment, you would need to comb out the oils with a high quality lice comb so it will also comb out the lice from the hair. Combing the hair is very important because there will be always the chance there could be some bug that has survived the treatment and are only stunned and still very alive. That is why if you do not comb them out, the bug would then revive and start laying eggs for a new generation of lice gain. You should make sure that you get the teeth of the comb near to the scalp as much as possible to get rid of the lice because a lot of the lice will be right on the skin.