How to get rid of nits

Removing nits from hair is a completely different process than removing lice. And it would require a different product to get rid of nits. It has been found that the only substance that can really do a great job of softening the attachment of the nits to the hair with the use of enzyme. Enzymes are a great product since they are non-toxic and they are biodegradable proteins that will break down and digest things such as nits.
There are also other enzymes out there that are specifically designed to break down, soften and literally digest the nits glue that they use to attach themselves to the hair. Using the right kind of enzyme products and if applied correctly to the hair, the nits become instantly loosened from the shaft of the hair and removing them by combing becomes an easier task. With this in mind you would want to be sure that the the comb you should use is a very high-quality comb because some of the nits are very likely to have been attached already. Even though those are essentially tiny and empty eggs. They would just simply slip through the teeth of ordinary lice.